Who Are We

Kaylin – rod the builder

Kaylin the fly rod builder



Kaylin is a straight “A” student going into the 8th grade. She’ll be the first to say she did get one A minus. She’s a goalie and “striker” on a travel soccer team “The Extremes”. Her dad (me) tortures her by forcing her to fish with him. When not at school or at soccer she likes spending time with her neighborhood friends and listening to music.

David – a 49 year old dad


David the dad

As a kid, I had the career ambition of becoming a hermit. The idea of surviving by making things, whether it was a fort in the woods, a raft or a fishing pole was and is intriguing. My father recommended that if I was going to be a hermit, I’d better get a degree. So I followed the higher education to get a corporate job path. Along the way I was blessed with an incredible wife and three wonderful children. I can’t remember when I didn’t fish, I know it was after I started walking and before I started school. Fly fishing didn’t come along until about ~20 years ago, I consider myself a beginner – there is so much to learn. Fly fishing also took me back to my hermit roots in the woods and streams. Still with the desire to make things I made a fly box out of a 2 x 4 after losing a plastic box in a river.

first fly box

First fly box

I still have that box, which in 2002 became the starting point for starting a small part time business – River Traditions. www.rivertraditions.com I’ve built all my fly rods except one and I have built fly rods for my family and friends. I’ve actually designed and specified a production fly rod in a failed attempt to sell fly rods in the retail environment. This website is my attempt to share my knowledge about fly rods.

I’ll be the first to say I’m not an expert and I sincerely want feedback to improve what is published here. Please if I’ve missed something please let me know and I’ll update my information.

Feel free to contact me at David@rivertraditions.com