The ins and outs of FLY ROD REPAIR

fly rod repair
guide repair

While hiking to a local fishing spot I snagged my fly rod on a branch and “dis-located” a snake guide.

We’ve all had accidents while on fishing trips, it seems like  a lot of memories are created by the adversity of “stuff happening” on outings.  The following are some instructions on how to Repair a fly rod.

Using a straight razor or craft knife scrap off the wraps at a low angle.  DO NOT CUT INTO THE ROD BLANK.
rod repair


Work your way around the blank, don’t force the cuts.  Nibble away at the wraps.

remove fly rod wraps


With the wrap removed closely check to make sure the blank is smooth.  I’ve wiped the blank with a little alcohol to make sure it’s clean.

Position the guide, making sure it is lined up with the other guides.    Apply a little masking tape to hold it in position.
position guide


Rewrap the guide using the instructions at WRAPPING THE GUIDES then use color preserver and finish as described in FINISHING THE FLY ROD.


Wrapped rod guideswrapped rod guides


The last step is to get back out on the water and catch some fish!