The Best Epoxy for Assembling a Fly Rod

After using 4 different brands of 2 part epoxy, I’ve settle on what I consider the best epoxy to assembly a fly rod. My choice -> Gorilla Brand 5 Minute Epoxy (Link to AMAZON for prices and reviews)  I use epoxy to adhere the cork grip, reel seat, end cap and tip top to the rod blank.  You want the epoxy to mix easily and dispensed at the correct ratio.

So why am I saying Gorilla brand 5 minute epoxy is the best?

  • Mixes smooth and crystal clear
  • Both A and B component are a low viscosity which allows the epoxy to flow smoothly out of the syringe dispenser.
  • Compatible with cork, metal, tape and wood.

The package instruction a very clear, but you can find great instructions at Gorilla Tough.  Always thoroughly mix until the components turn crystal clear.

YouTube has some good instructions here

Epoxy Resin is inert once it has reacted, but some folks can have a reaction to the un-mixed components.  Gloves are recommended, the nice thing about epoxies with built in syringe dispensers is you are keep your work area nice and clean.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions please contact me David at