Get a perfect fly rod finish with the best rod finish epoxy

How do you get a perfect fly rod finish?   What’s the best epoxy for rod building? Applying the epoxy finish is the one of the last steps in your fly rod building journey.  At this point you can almost feel the tug on the end of your custom built fly rod.

You can learn all about applying the finish in step 13 finishing the fly rod.  In this post, I’m going to give you the finish I recommend and what I use for my rods.  I’ve played with half a dozen finishes over the years and I’ve settled on Flex Coat brand.  Flex Coat is a pioneer in rod finishing, in fact finishing rods is how their business began.  You can read about FLEX COAT history here.

So which fly rod finish do I recommend? Get the HIGH BUILD ROD WRAPPING FINISH FROM FLEX COAT – (Link to Amazon for checking price and reviews)

Flex Coat High Build Rod Wrap Finish

Flex Coat High Build Rod Wrap Finish


  • UV protection and unequaled clarity
  • Highly durable and flexible
  • Syringes specific to measuring and mixing
  • Expended pot life


  • Small 2 oz bottles – good for approximately 3 – 4 rods
  • Limited instructions

What do I like the most

When the epoxy is warm it mixes easily and changes from cloudy to clear when completely mixed.

Final thoughts

Flex Coat has been in the rod finish business since 1977. They make a proven product that is widely used all over the world.  If mixed correctly I can guarantee that any finish concerns are caused by the rod builder and not this product.  Check out how Flex coat mixes epoxy in the video below.