Unboxing the Epic 686 fly rod building kit

I’m walking up to the house and BAM! I see the box standing tall at the front door.  My Epic 686 fly rod kit  (<-link to Epic Website) has been delivered.

epic fly rod delivered fast

epic fly rod delivered fast

I haven’t ever documented an “unboxing” before SOOOO – drum roll please –


The Epic 686 Ready to Wrap Rod Kit from Swift Fly Fishing

Epic Fly Rod Complete Kit

Epic Fly Rod Complete Kit

Everything is nicely packaged and held firm in the corrugated box.   I purchased the Salsa color fly rod blank.  Now that I see the color I understand why it is so popular.  Truly stunning, if you look close the blank has a shimmer like what you see in a metallic automotive finish.  I’ve also got a prototype fly reel (another project) that is going to match up perfectly.

Contained within the FLY ROD BUILDING KIT is:

  • Rod Blank
  • Tube
  • Rod Sock
  • Wrapping Stand
  • Grip
  • Fighting Butt
  • Reel Seat
  • Guides
  • Thread
  • Glue Kit
  • Finish Kit
  • Grease Pen
  • 42 Page Rod Building Instructions Book
  • Stickers and Decals
  • Warranty Card

The box converts to a wrapping station. Which I’ll use during the build to show how it works. BUT  I do highly recommend two more pieces of equipment if you think you’ll build more fly rods.  Get a rod hand wrapper, my recommendation is the FLEX COAT ROD BUILDING STARTUP KIT  (Link to Amazon) this is everything you need tools, material and instructions to start a rod building and repair business.

I have a page dedicated to the tools, plans and equipment you need to bui8ld a fly rod.  Check it out here->  Tools and Plans Page

I also made an EPIC 686 Unboxing Video

It seems like the rage the last couple years is to create these so he’s me stumbling through opening the box.

Additional Items for Building A Fly Rod From A Blank

This fly rod kit may cost a little more than some, but the blank and components are high quality.  As a first time fly rod builder you don’t want to spend all your time gathering specialty glues and adhesives.  The box folds into a wrapping stand, which I’ll wrap a couple guides with but most of the guides will be wrapped with a purchased wrapping stand.  Nearly everything needed to build a fly rod is contained in this kit.  You could easily spend over a $100 ordering the glues, finishes and materials.

Items still needed are easily found around the house. Items like a sharp craft knife or razor, masking tape, tape measure… Heck go to my Tools page a down load the FLY ROD TOOLS CHECK LIST pdf.

What to do next for Building A Fly Rod?

I’ll be reading the Fly Rod Build Instruction book looking for some online inspiration like the good folks at http://www.graywolfrods.com/swift-epic  Graywolf Rods builds custom fly rods and Shane Gray specializes in fiberglass.