Test fitting the Fly Rod Tip Top on your fly rod blank

Image building a fly rod with the goal of fishing in two day, you test the FLY ROD TIP TOP and discover it doesn’t fit.

Fly Rod Tip Top Installation – First

The first thing you do once you get your fly rod kit is to test fit the rod tip. Twice I’ve been in the process of building a fly rod and discovered I had to pay $12 bucks to expedite a $2.00 rod tip.  With a proper fitting Tip Top you can proceed into the BUILD STEPS.

This is a super simple operation, if you do this first you’ll have time to contact a supplier and get another fly rod tip top. A good source for getting tip tops is MudHole

Sizing a Fly Rod Tip Top Tube and Ring

The most important measurement for sizing a tip top is the TUBE SIZE. These are called out in 64th’s of an inch.  So a #5 has a 5/64” tube diameter.  You measure the tube diameter by using calipers.  Mine measure is thousandths of an inch which converts to 64ths by dividing by 0.0156.  So a .07” diameter = ~ 5/64ths. Or a size #5.

measure tip top fly rod

measure tip top fly rod

So to make it really confusing the other measurement is RING SIZE, which is measured in millimeters.   Ring is the inside diameter of the “ring” that the line pass through.

measure ring size tip top

measure ring size tip top

Most of the time suppliers sell only two ring sizes regular and large.

Thanks, Check out the BUILD STEPS where I’ll cover fly rod tip top installation.