How to wrap ferrules – Step 11

The need to wrap ferrules is a debate among rod builders.   Most rods graphite fly rod blanks have a an integrated ferrule and you won’t need to attach the plated ferrules you’ll see on many older spinning rods.

Knowing most fly rod blank manufactures have already integrated a reinforced the ferrule wrapping is still recommended. Wrapping will protect the female section from damage and wear.

I have added an extra thread tensioner to the end of my wrapping stand.

Speaking about tension you’ll want to have a little extra tension on the thread when wrapping the ferrule. Not a lot an extra .1 lbs is plenty.

How long should the ferrule wrap be? Because you’re protecting the very edge of the blank, I wrap the same distance as your guide wraps.  To me staying with a consistent length makes the most sense and looks nice.

Wrap the ferrule the same way as you would a guide. I like to start the wrap away from the ferrule edge and work my way to the edge.Ferrule Wrap direction

Wrap the ferrule are the as you did for the guides. Pull the tag end under wrap to finish the wrap as shown below.

Wrap the blank just like Wrapping The Fly Rod Guides in step 8.  The ferrule area should look like the below picture.

Finish the wraps like shown in steps shown in Finishing the Fly Rod.