Wrapping the Butt Section – Step 10

Wrapping the butt section above the handle is where the artistic rod builders shine. Kaylin and I are doing a basic wrap, but lots of books and websites.

Wrapping the Butt Section and Hook Keeper

I need to start by saying sorry. Kaylin was videoing me wrapping this section and we got a little out of focus. We’ll post another video, but I wanted to get this post up. With us building two rods; the TFO BVK for Kaylin and me building the Sage VXP we’ll have another chance to video. In Focus!!
Measuring is the most important thing with this step. The thread work wants to be good and the wrap proportional because this is the wrap most folks will see. I measure ½ an inch up from the winding check and tape the hook keeper in place. We’re using double foot wire hook keeps so we tape one foot just like wrapping the guides.

Items you’ll need for this step:

• Butt section of rod WITH THE WINDING CHECK IN PLACE!
• Hook Keeper
• Wrapping thread
• Homemade “threader”
• A wrapping stand with tensioning devise
• Ruler and scissors
• China marker, grease pencil or crayon
• Masking tape “third hand”

Summary of the Steps

1. Measure and tape the hook keeper into position.
2. Wrap from the winding check “up” the rod.
3. “Jump” from one hook keeper foot to the next.
4. Wrapping to within 1/8 inch of the end and insert “threader”.
5. Finish wrap and snap tag end off under wrap.

1. Placing the Hook Keeper

Measure up from the winding check ½ inch and tape the keeper in place. Make sure the keeper is oriented in the same line as the guides. Hold the section out at arms length and visualize the keeper in place. Adjust if needed.

2. Start Wrapping at the Winding Check

Start at the winding check so you can “push” the threads tight against it once you get the thread locked onto the rod. Because ending the wrap can sometimes pull the wraps back on itself everything stays neat and the wraps stay tight.

3. Jump from One Foot to the Next (it sounds like a dance)

Continue wrapping up onto the foot of the keeper. I don’t end the wrap at the bend in the keeper, but “jump” over to the next foot.
Wrapping should be second nature at this point.

4. Wrap to within 1/8 inch of End and Insert Threader

5. Finish Wrap by Snapping Thread Under Itself

With the Hook Keeper wrapped the next step is to wrap the ferrules for extra support.  Step 11