Wrapping the Tip Top – Step 9

Kaylin and I took a little break from building her rod. She helped an older soccer team who had an injured goal keeper. It’s early in the soccer season and the team is pretty new, they played in a tournament and WON! It was exciting; Kaylin stopped a penalty kick which would have tied the game.

Wrapping the Tip Top

I asked a couple folks and the consensus is the wrapping below the tip top doesn’t affect the rod performance but it does provide some extra protection for when a weighted fly hits the top section.  It also adds a decorative touch.

Wrapping the tip top is quick. The only challenge is that you can’t use a traditional wrapping stand. Typical wrapping stands hold two sides and you wrap in the middle. I modified my stand when I built it with a tension devise on an end to make wrapping the tip top and ferrule a little easier.

 Items you’ll need for this step:

  • Top section of rod blank with tip top glued on.
  • Wrapping thread
  • Wrapping stand
  • Homemade “threader” or whip finisher for pulling the thread under the wrap.
  • A wrapping stand with tensioning devise
  • Sharp razor, scissors or craft knife
  • China marker, grease pencil or crayon
  • Masking tape “third hand”

 Summary of the Steps

  1. Measure and mark the starting point below the tip top.
  2. Adjust the thread tension
  3. Start wrap
  4. Wrapping to within 1/8 inch of the end and insert “threader”.
  5. Finish wrap and snap tag end off under wrap.

Marking the Starting Point for Wrap

I measure the full length of a guide wrap and substrate 1/8 inch. Mark this spot with your china marker. Visually the tip top wrap wants to be a little shorter than the guides. You’ve and Kaylin have already learned the wrapping process. Keep the wraps tight to each other, and when finishing the wrap keep the thread tight to the tip top. When breaking the tag end under the wrap it’s easy to pull the wrap away from the tip top tube.

With the tip top wrapped we can start on the finishing up the butt section with a hook keeper.