Assembling the Reel Seat – Step 3

Assembling the reel seat is pretty straight forward. It’s done in three basic steps. If the reel seat insert (wood) was properly aligned to the rod blank the first thing to do is “dry fit” everything. I had Kaylin dry fit everything which allows you to check everything out.  I even had her attached a reel to double check all the components are assembled. I like breaking up the assembly of the reel seat into three steps, this allows for a fresh batch of epoxy to be mixed up before adhering the hood, threaded barrel and end cap. Try to “work clean” this means keep your tools and components organized so epoxy is applied only to where you want it. Once epoxy gets on your hands, tools and rod parts it makes a mess.

Items you’ll need for this step:

  • Reel seat components, the insert (glued onto blank), threaded barrel, end cap, sliding hood, stationary hood and threaded locking ring.
  • Masking Tape – Your friend, great for holding pieces while glue is setting.
  • Pen or Pencil and a grease pencil or crayon
  • Epoxy, cup and stir stick (I use glue and epoxy interchangeable)
  • Paper towel and isopropyl alcohol for clean up. (Acetone/finger nail polish remover will work as well)

Summary of the Steps

1. Attach Stationary Hood.
2. Attach the Threaded Barrel.
3. Attach the End Cap.

Attaching the Stationary Hood

  1. Dry fit everything! If you can, attach a reel to double check that all the parts are present and assembled in the correct order.
    Align the stationary hood to the rod blank using masking tape or use a manufactured bushing.
  2. Mix up a small batch of epoxy and apply it to the inside of the stationary hood. Don’t apply epoxy to the area of the hood that touches the reel. Slide the hood in place, double check the alignment.
    Wipe up any epoxy with a paper towel with a little alcohol/acetone.
    Use your masking tape to hold the hood on while the epoxy sets.

Attaching the Threaded Barrel

Kaylin’s BVK has a grooved reel seat insert and the threaded barrel has a cut out that aligns to the groove. My Sage doesn’t have the groove in the reel seat so I don’t have to worry about aligning the threaded barrel to the wood insert.

Before I apply epoxy, I like to scratch the inside of the threaded barrel to improve adhesion between the barrel and wood insert. IMPORTANT! Make sure the Moving Hood is installed!!!

For this glue job you want to have your clean-up towel with alcohol at the ready. If you get epoxy on the threads you want to clean it up quickly. Now mix up a small batch of epoxy and spread it inside the barrel. Applying to the inside of the barrel reduces the chances of getting epoxy on the threads. Slide the barrel on and double check alignment. With the squeeze out glue cleaned up, apply some tape to hold the barrel in place. Keep the tape on, after 15 minutes or so you can start on the next step.

Attaching the End Cap

For this I showed Kaylin what to do and just watched. Pretty straight forward operation.
1. Dry fit the End Cap, then remove.
2. Mix a small batch of epoxy.
3. Apply Epoxy to the inside of the threaded barrel.
4. Slide the End Cap on and clean up any squeeze out.
5. Hold in place with some masking tape.

The reel seat is now assembled.  Wait a day for the epoxy to set and you’ll be ready to start the next step which is attaching the grip.