Step by Step Instructions for Fly Rod Ferrule Wraps

The idea of a FERRULE WRAP is to strengthen the rod blank from splitting and breaking. The EPIC FLY ROD Instructions specifically state that there is no need to wrap the ferrules on their rod blanks.

wrapping fly rod ferrules

The Epic 686 had one ferrule that needed to be wrapped. The other ferrules had a guide close enough that I just extended the guide wrap a little to do combination duty.   I will say that if the rod manufacture specifically says to wrap the ferrules, you should follow the directions.

So what tools do you need to wrap the ferrule?

The best list of tools for this step can be found at STEP 3 Wrapping guides on a fly rod.

Steps for wrapping fly rod Ferrules

  1. Think about how long wrap should be. Because the wrap isn’t “required” I’m going to make my wrap ½ the size of the guide wrap. This measured 7/16 inch for my rod.   You will find some debate about the length of this strengthening. In the past I wrapped a ¼ inch beyond the fully inserted rod blank. rod ferrule
  2. With you length of wrap figured out.   Start the wrap at the rod blank cut off. Try to start the wrap as close to the edge as possible. Wrap to within a ¼ inch of the end and lay in you thread puller.
  3. Stop the wrap and pull the tag end under, just like on the guide wraps. Cut the tag end as close as possible. ferrule wrap image

Ferrule Wrapping VIDEO


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