Attaching the Fly Rod Tip Top

Attaching the fly rod tip top has just one important step. Aligning the tip top eyelet with all the other guides.  All the other steps are straight forward building upon some of the skills you’ve already learned.

fly rod tip top

What do you need:

  • Top section of rod
  • Tip Top
  • Epoxy
  • masking tape
  • mixing cup
  • needle tool
  • sand paper
  • cleaning rag
  • china marker

tip top tools

Installing Tip Top Steps

  1. First dry fit the tip top and mark the rod blank where the tip top stops. This mark indicates how far you can sand on the blank.
  2. LIGHTLY sand the rod blank, do not sand below the mark you made earlier. This light sanding gives the epoxy a something to “bite” onto. Wipe the dust off the rod blank.

sand tip of fly rod blank

Mix up a small batch of 5 minute epoxy.   Follow the instructions and mix well.

  1. Using a fine pointed tool. Daub epoxy inside the shaft of the tip top. Apply a light coating onto the rod blank tip.  I detail this same step in step 6 installing tip top

tip top epoxy

  1. Slide the tip top onto the rod blank. WIPE up the excess epoxy. If needed use a little acetone to clean well.
  2. Sight down the rod blank looking through the eyelet of the tip top and down through each of the guides. With the tip aligned, TAPE the tip top into position. Another resource for installing the tip top is FLEX COAT – Installin’ a Tip Top

Set the rod blank section someplace to allow the epoxy to set.

Attaching the fly rod tip top Video